Emotional end to the week.

6 thoughts on “Emotional end to the week.”

  1. You are a fantastic mum ! Don’t let anyone try and convince you otherwise. I think a lot of people letting their children have age inappropriate things, like fb, iphones etc etc are opening themselves up to deal with problems like the porn etc. I am letting my 9 yo have a phone after Christmas to use when she goes to friends at weekend/to shop and for sleepovers. She will be under the strictest instructions not to give out her number (only via me) and NOT access the internet on it. If I find out she has done either of these things, believe me, I will be taking the phone back. She will not be taking it to school, or keeping in her room neither. It will be on a shelf in the kitchen .. bad mother? overprotective? weird? I don’t care ! *sticks tongue out*

  2. Thank you Mandy, that means a lot and also proves my point about what good friends i have out there and what great people the world holds.
    the said 11 year olds facebook profile is fully public, complete with pictures, what school he goes to, phone number!! etc. and yet i am a bad parent because i am ok with the thought of my son looking at boobs.some people confuse me.
    i do like mobiles for added security for us parents being able to get intouch with our kids and the other way round if needed. my youngest mainly uses his for taking home made scary movies, to take pictures and to talk to me when he is at his dads.
    hehehe *sticks tongue out with you*

  3. I agree with Mandy Mel,you are a fantastic Mum and don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise.Shannon has a mobile (a basic one,phonecalls/txt’s -no internet) but it’s never on,but when she starts going out with her friends it will be because it’s for my piece of mind.Not that I have actually let her out with her friends yet,this is something I am agonising about but I won’t clog up your comment box with my parenting worries.Anyway,don’t let the buggers get you down!!!

  4. i agree with you mel and the mum who chooses to blame others rather than see its because of her own actions her son is looking at that type of stuff is just plain ignorant. Why on earth an 11 year old would have such an expensive phone anyway? oh fashion. When my boys are old enough for a phone i will get one that doesnt have internet on it or disable the internet on t as i can with mine. you are a good mum, dont listen to anyone who tells u anything different x

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