Daily Grind

2 thoughts on “Daily Grind”

  1. I am exhausted just reading this Mel! I have to say though the day to day planning is extremely organised,I wish I could be like that. My Hubby thinks my job entails making cups of tea all day ha! What defines a ‘proper job’ anyway? Lovely photo’s of your altar x

  2. my other half says that what he classes as a proper job is one that brings in a regular same wage. he did assure me that he didn’t mean for it to sound as though i do jack shit all day lol I have to be extremely organised, i have lists and journals and reminders for every thing, including lunch time lol other wise i forget to take a break and eat.
    i love our family Alter, it is in the corner of my work space as it is the closest to north facing as we can get which is good as it is also the only space i have big enough for it. (its actually an old sewing machine)

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