Finding the fight?

2 thoughts on “Finding the fight?”

  1. Bless you for being so honest Mel. I think you are wonderful in what you do and what you aspire to be. I think your outlook is amazing and I need to take several leaves out of your book when you say, ‘if people don’t get something …’ I need to be able to think like that. This year I have been lucky to have money gifted from MIL and my uncle so that will keep us going, just.

    My love to you and huge hugs and blessings at this time – and yes, it is a full moon and I am not tooooooooooo emotional !! xxx

    1. i hope you are feeling a little less emotional this morning, i know i am not .. darn moon.
      it is true though, the world isn’t going to end if you do not manage to get every one something for the day, it has taken me years to get to this stage but i do not think it is fair if i put that much pressure on myself especially with every thing else i ihave going on right now. people can choose how they take it and heck if they want to take it funny then they need to take a look at the things that are actually really important in life.

      sending you loads of huge hugs and blessings x

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