Nothing ventured nothing gained

12 thoughts on “Nothing ventured nothing gained”

  1. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If you don’t even try you have already failed. It still amazes me when my art sells and I sell around the globe. Hang in there and try. Success is something one can get used to.

    1. thank you, although it is very very scary and i have just found out that my art teacher from school is going to be show casing her work too!!! i didn’t do well at art at school, or any subject really as i was going through a lot but this has just made the whole things scarier.

    1. what not many people know is that i draw and paint too, as well as making things. it is the ‘art’ side of things i worry about as i was always told from an early age how my style was wrong, rubbish etc and have had it ripped up on several occasions as it wasn’t good enough. so this has left me with a few issues lol i will point out that it wasn’t my art teacher who did that .. well not the one i am now friends with.
      i have to make an effort to tell myself there is no right and wrong with art, every one has a different style and it comes from the heart. but up until a few days ago i always put my art in the bin or burnt it.

  2. no there isnt a right and wrong with art its all down to personal style and taste. i have been moaned at for not doing measured drawings and keeping things in proportion but i do what my eye sees and measured drawing when doing the figure feels wrong to me.

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