Influential Friday .. New Year part two

6 thoughts on “Influential Friday .. New Year part two”

  1. do you know what, your honesty bought a tear to my eye, like you stripped your life to the bare bones,i pray that in 2012 you gain the confidence to actually see and believe in you xx

  2. what are you like? Love the long rambly posts as it feels like you are talking to us! Good luck with your future. I am having a re-think too about what is important. It’s hard and scary to change what you have been doing for years without even thinking. Power to you babe! x

    1. hehe honestly the un edited version was more like a book at just under 6000 words, so i am glad you didn’t find it tooooo long. you are right though it is so very very scary. i have had the same issues in my life for almost 30 years, that takes a lot of getting over. we just need to remember that it is going to take longer than just over night. huge hugs and if you need help, you know where i am

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