What doesn’t kill you and all that jazz

5 thoughts on “What doesn’t kill you and all that jazz”

  1. What about selling at Car Boot Sales? Often see more stalls than people selling their old tat now. Also there is a big market on near me every bank holiday,that might be an idea? Do you have a website at all? The best of luck to you x

    1. thank you, i have thought about car boots but again getting their is an issue.

      i am going to have to get a website, no choice with that, at the moment i am writing lists like the queen list maker i can be lol

      Thank you for the link too ❤

  2. Good luck with your promoting! Can you give leaflets out at the local primary school? Sometimes Heads are happy to put leaflets in the kid’s book bags for local businesses, ie hooping etc. You could advertise to do kids parties too? All you would have to do is turn up and teach kids hooping. People pay around £80 for an hour for this type of thing xx

  3. Thanks Mandy, huge hugs for starters. The problem I have is that hooping is that popular I cannot compete with doing it any more, I have tried the birthday party idea but no one took it up as they said £30 was far too much money and space was an issue. So I have spent the past few months working other things out to stay away from the hooping, it was supposed to be a good year for me work wise, then the opportunities I did have open to me have been taken away one way or another. I have to reassess my whole business now for a way of making money that I can fit around my youngest being at school still. Right now it isn’t looking good, but I am sure I will find a way some how … heck I have to.

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