I’m stuck ….. *wriggles*

6 thoughts on “I’m stuck ….. *wriggles*”

  1. i do my own tarot readings, lately only in times of desperation when i really dont know where to turn. i had a very bad day last week, i blogged about it. its those days im negative about everything and ask myself ”will i ever stop doubting myself, letting people treat me like crap, stop having low self esteem” and many other questions. one day i even told myself ”oh well, ill always have depression and anxiety” why? because ‘professionals’ dont help. shove me on meds, take them away rather than wean me off and then the Councillor says ”sorry i dont know what i can do for you” wonder how much he was paid to tell me that? i do know that making myself go for a walk and keeping busy helps for me.
    But its true, you are much stronger than you think you are, you are talented and a fab mum with great friends…and you have a wicked sense of style and attitude 🙂

    1. are the DR’s still not bloody sorting you out yet? grrrr

      Ive been off my meds for 7 years now, would never go back, therapy isn’t the easiest either though, and when you have just yourself to make sure you do all your ‘skills’ on your bad days suck.

  2. ive given up on doctors sorting this thing for me, since starting college even though ive been stressed, i think art and keeping myself busy is my therapy, ive looked into becoming an art therapist. i defo dont want to go down the pills and weekly crying at ‘professionals’ sessions again. its just not the fix or the answer

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