This town is coming like a ghost town ..

16 thoughts on “This town is coming like a ghost town ..”

  1. i agree with the underwear, i end up buying from M&S, everywhere else is poorly made and overpriced, plus why am i gonna spend a fortune unless im actually gonna walk around with no trousers so i can show off my fancy knickers!
    it really irritates me when i need to shop for the boys and find theres a huge section dedicated to pretty girly stuff and a measly rail for boys which is boring, miniture grandad style stuff or tshirts that say ‘im loud and horrible’
    every few months a new charity shop opens in our town. its all charity, mobile phones and beauty salons and yet they keep moaning theres no money being brought into the town. cornwall air ambulance opened a shop down the road from me a few weeks ago, in the window they have a £500 bed and £300 couch thats more expensive than brand new! i know its to pay towards rescue but nobody can afford that right now, not here anyway

    1. they usualy have things like that valued which can be a problem. when shopping i do pay more for things, yes i would rather get a sofa for £100 more from a charity shop than going to a new shop where they have importend them in, even if it is the same sofa, my money then goes to the charity not the people importing it. as it goes i have never had to buy a sofa i’ve got mine either from friends or out of skips lol same as most of the other stuff in my house, heck i even found a highchair in a bush, took it home, took it apart, cleaned it and replaced the missing bolt. it lasted years until i gave it to some one else who needed, but that has kind of made me go off on a tangent.

      i’m not a fan of the logo t-shirts either and you will get used to the fustration of limited products for boys after all remember that girls can wear the boys stuff too … added grrrr and it doesn’t get easier as they get older.

      1. all my furniture is second hand and i was very grateful for it but if i had to replace any of it it would have to be second hand again. trouble is with cornwall air ambulance shop they put these really expensive furniture in the window which may give the wrong message to a passer by. they do general stuff too like clothes, books and toys

      2. you should go in there and tell them that .. you can always say that this is why you have not been in before, you never know it may make them rethink the way they do things

  2. I hope Morgan get’s some slippers soon! Is Shoe zone still open? They might have some in the sale? I haven’t been into Nuneaton town for a long time,only really go to B&M’s cos it is way better than our crappy Home Bargains.Tamworth is full of Mobile phone and card shops oh and a fair few charity shops as well which are over priced in my opinion. Atherstone ones are slightly better but again there is nothing else there! Most people go to the out of town shopping places,I only go to Asda over there.The majority of my clothes come from charity shops,used clothing from ebay or hand me downs from friends. I tend to save my pennies for when I visit my Mum as the charity shops up there are brilliant-Monsoon tops for a quid? Yes thank you very much.

    1. They are still open but not the most ethical shop, I did go in and look (if I have to buy things that are not ethical to me then I off set it) but they only had ones with footballs on.

      Charity shops have to put their prices up as their over heads are going up just like everything else. I do not think it is the prices of the items that have gone up but since places like asda, Primark etc do £3 t-shirts new people do not see why they should pay more than that if it is second hand. Which was what I was saying with losing the true value of things… not aimed at you of course or anyone person come to think about it, more of a society thing.
      As I tell the teenagers that come around here, yes it is great that you got the ‘latest on trend dress’ for £5 but if you break down the costs including profit to the companies you got it from it doesn’t leave a lot to the workers further down the manufacturing line, right down to the farmers who grow the cotton.

      I know I kind of ‘bite my nose off to spite my face’ well I have been told this by many people who do not understand my ‘hippie ways’ when it comes to shopping, or understand why i would rather pay an extra £5 for something just because it is more ethical than the cheaper option.

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