just getting a little raghhhhh out of my system

2 thoughts on “just getting a little raghhhhh out of my system”

  1. oh hunni, i hope things work out, maybe u should do kids parties 2/3 hours and good money i got asked and thought why not? sending u luv, i been ill for ages and i beeen lucky cos my mum came to stay(shes had hard time and she ill) so we looking after each other, i am lucky with a farmer hubby( u never see them!!) my mum i can always rely on, she didnt have her family yet she makes mine complete and so going to miss the extra pair of hands(she trying move up mids too so cant wait, im a mummies gal,xxx still ill but feeling brighter this week, still waiting for some test results but getting there!! wen the sun gets stronger me n mine will come see u at the park again, for now @5am(why!!!!!) hugs and blessings,xxxx Tink

    1. i’ve tried to go down the birthday party line but the problem i have, like with every thing is transport, and having any money to put into it. Also with the hooping side of things there are that many people doing it now i can not afford to compete with any of them. it is all going down hill and very very fast.

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