It has all gone a bit mental.

2 thoughts on “It has all gone a bit mental.”

  1. I can empathise with how it must be actually genuinely doing your best to bring up two genuinely good kids to the very best of your ability in a world that at the slight hint that they had mental issues (and really, many people do these days) they’d just shift the responsibility elsewhere. If it helps, which it might not due to me not knowing either of them as well as I should or used to, they have never come across that way to me – ever. Not to mention that I don’t think they could have a better influence than someone who truly understands the gravity of issues like that and not only can offer support but also empathy, and the fact you’re this concerned and fighting this hard just goes to show how much of a damn good mother you are and you should never, ever forget that.

    I’m just hoping as situations like this increase that people will wake the fuck up and realize that sticking kids on meds and telling them to fuck off is as ineffective as it is damaging, in cases where a little understanding and empathy can go such a long way.

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