Spring Equinox … a little bit of magick

8 thoughts on “Spring Equinox … a little bit of magick”

  1. It was a good evening… although there was much that others would have frowned at, we didn’t frown, we just laughed. 🙂
    Thanks Froggy

  2. You are your own authority. This witch in America says it’s all in the intention, let the other chips fall where they may. Only way this seems different than the rituals I do is that you did invocations (maybe casting too?) after doing some of the meat of the ritual. I like doing all the work in sacred space — but again, just my individual authority speaking up and only for me! Thanks for posting: Bright Eostar Blessings!

    1. i am not sure exactly what you mean by ‘own authority’ but i am not american, not Wiccan do not do cast a circle and i do not follow a Pagan tradition if that helps? i am a pagan witch though and i have been practicing magick for as long as i can remember.

      1. I know you aren’t American! I was simply wanting to send some love from across the Atlantic. I am a witch who follows my own style of magic too. “Be your own authority” to me means that I listen to the voices within me and let them tell me how to do magic that works for me. Simply wanted you to know that this is one witch out there in the world who isn’t frowning! So cool to do this with your kids too. Cheers!

      2. yeay for over the pond love … sending you some back too, and many blessings with hugs.
        I am fully with you then on following your own authority too, as I do not believe another person has the right to tell you what and how to do things when you are following a natural belief system so to speak. I used to be part of a ‘real coven’ it was far too boring and their heads were stuck up their bottoms oh and they had no sense of fun. so i wasn’t in it for long lol

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