Bitching doesn’t help

3 thoughts on “Bitching doesn’t help”

  1. oh chick, rubbish isnt it. we have had cuts too. i have money being taken off me and then others demanding more and it gives me sleepless nights. i cant find a job to fit around commitments and if other half found full time permanent work then id say goodbye to college and uni because to get help with childcare we would both have to be working 24 hours plus. truth is there are no jobs around that can guarantee 24 hours so we get childcare help and working tax credits and not have to rely on JSA and housing benefit. its a nightmare! i keep telling myself that 2-3 years of more struggling then ill be a graduate looking start my career but it feels like a long haul. worth it but at what cost? the other day i saw a woman saying she isnt happy because she earns over £30,000 and benefits are being taken off her, infruriates me because i get way less than half of that and they say thats enough to live on. i could rant about this sooooo much!

    1. huge hugs beautiful i know exactly what you mean .. how are all the people on 30k+ a year going to cope, i am tempted to offer my help with budgeting, i heard one person say that her wine consumption has had to go down as she refuses to buy the cheap stuff and you can not possibly buy wine that is under £20 a bottle!!! i wanted to hug her to make her feel better but feared it may of turned into a bear hug resulting in death.

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