Time Travel

Or as close as i can get to it, On saturday we spent the day at my Grandmas house and the area where I grew up, worked out why I have a love for Oak trees as they are every where in the area, We came home and had a coal fire outside, the perfect … Continue reading Time Travel

The ‘Go Me’ Dance

Is what i am doing right now because i feel awsome about things today, even though I am unable to upload pictures at the moment from my awsome day on saturday and in general as I broke my card reader so for now there are no pretty pictures for you to look at. This week … Continue reading The ‘Go Me’ Dance

You Have to

Make the most of it on nice days, especially living in the country you never really know what season you are going to wake up to, snow in summer? Heat wave in winter? Who knows? Anyway so as Tuesdays are Work day Tuesdays where I have company for the day to keep me sane-ish, usually … Continue reading You Have to

Change of plan

So much for kicking myself up the arse with the house and work, although it must be said I am rather liking the new help I am getting from my other half with regards house work. Today my plan was to go back to posting on a more regular basis as I have let myself … Continue reading Change of plan