Dreading it

4 thoughts on “Dreading it”

  1. Love,love ,love them! Wow they are so long. Just beautiful. My friend had hers put in 5 years ago,they are just past her shoulders now. I have always wanted them but never had the guts 😦 How do you do it the natural way then? Liking the funky Jim Jams

    1. Dooooooooooooo it lol all i did was band them off, did back combing every now and again but it was a case of just washing and not brushing them.

      i too love my new pjs, now i need a new dressing gown, slippers and hair bobble to match lol

  2. Beautiful story! Dreads give you a sense of freedom, don’t they?? Love how you did them the natural way, it really teaches a person patience when you actually have to wait a few months to see any results!

    1. it is rather odd how you see your hair once you get dreads, before i had them i couldn;t understand doing the whole “IT IS JUST HAIR” but it really isn’t lol i love the feeling of being free, for me finaly getting them was a huge step to the person i am now, the person i always wanted to be, dreads really do give you the first step to go “fuck it it is my life, my hair and i will have it how i want” every thing else just then drops into place.

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