having to really dig down deep

5 thoughts on “having to really dig down deep”

  1. Oh lovely 😦 I’ve done 2 posts on budgeting recently, but I think you hit the category of people I talk about in my 3rd post where it’s less to do with budgeting & more to do with needing more help from the system.

    That being said its brilliant that you’ve been trying. I know how you feel with trying to get a healing/therapy business off the ground. My tip would be to have something else that can bring in enough to take the pressure off. If you lived near me it would be children’s classes, dog walking or cleaning. What is the thing near you which people will pay for and others don’t want to do?

    You have loads of skills eg writing! Sit down with a friend to help with your CV so that you don’t ignore your achievements.

    1. I have trouble with my cv which is something I’m trying to work on, and don’t have friends I can sit down and do such things with.
      I’ve looked for other work but have no luck and the area I’m in if they can’t be bothered with walking their own dog they just open the door, not that many would open their door to me either
      Things are coming on slowly, I’m not having a work room at the shop now that I have gone through issues when my eldest moved out so that’s going to save me money

      Blaghhhh all I can do is keep trying

      1. Oh I know lovely – I wasn’t expecting the dog walking to work for you, just an idea to get you thinking. Hows about areas within 30mins of you that have people with more dosh? What do they need?

        With the CV bare this in mind – we are all as brilliant as each other, just in different areas. To start off with write down all the challenges you have overcome, all the skills you have, all the courses you have done, the skills and experiences you have had. They don’t have to be work related. Keep your options open – not everyone is phased by ‘difference’.

        Potentially you might struggle to get work until you are less worried about your son though – I know that I ‘make myself available’ in all sorts of ways when I’m worried my kids might need me.

      2. I shall try that, it is rather scary with my cv I know it’s linked to my self confidence issues and in ability to ‘sell myself’ and fear
        As you said though right now my availability is limited because of illness and my son but I refuse to stop fighting to get the life I want, no matter how long it takes
        I also want to thank you for all the support you’re giving, it’s nice to get an out side perspective and advice on things also makes me feel less alone

    2. ohh i am queen of the budget, currently will be getting about £700 off the energy company for what i have over paid and have managed to save myself even more money by switching energy companies too, and to a more ethical one … double win lol

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