It must be term time

2 thoughts on “It must be term time”

  1. Argh with a creative son myself who has curly red hair in a classroom where all the kids have shaved heads, I know what it’s like when your child doesn’t fit in 😦

    Have you found any other bloggers who’ve been through the same thing with getting a statement who can help you with their experiences?

    I hate it when people do that ‘we know better than the parent thing’ – I know there are times when us mums ignore problems, but most of the time we are the experts. I had someone in my daughters nursery give me ‘that look’ the other day – felt like smacking her 😉

    1. I’m still looking into things, and blogs.
      I have a couple of friends who are going through assessments one who has come through the other side but had similar issues getting the 10years it took them

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