Living with depression .. when it isn’t your own

3 thoughts on “Living with depression .. when it isn’t your own”

  1. A really great and heartfelt article. Thanks very much for sharing this. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be even after you have given us an insight.
    I have my own story around depression and it’s really not easy. I commend you for trying to make a better world. It’s not hippyish, it is what we all should be doing. Good luck and keep sharing.

    1. Thank you, I’ve always hoped for a better world, where acceptance over rules judgment.
      I’ve been fighting against the school system for seven years when I should be fighting with them to get the right support for my son but they put how he is down to bad parenting without even asking me about it or believing me when I am honest with them
      Yes I don’t understand the ‘normal world’ I never have done, I’ve always asked questions of why things are the way they are and why can’t we change it when it goes wrong. Schools seem to want children and parents who fit in and don’t ask questions, they don’t seem to recognise mental health issues in schools when related to their pupils which is my main gripe with the whole thing, it isn’t a choice to be like this and they seem to think it is, like so many do I suppose.
      I can but keep hoping things will change as it has to so my son can have the support he needs so he can achieve the life he wants

  2. My mentor was told by his school that he would never be able to read or write or amount to anything. He was probably dyslexic. His parents dropped him off on the american version of the motorway at 14 and he became a surf bum – I suspect their willingness to do that was partially due to him being a total pain in the butt!

    He’s proved everyone wrong though – trained to be a chiropractor, and travels the world teaching/speaking over 300 days a year.

    I have a CD he made I think about kids with different learning issues – I’ll try to see if I can find it and send you a copy. He’s not into ‘fitting in’ either, so he should be a good match for you and your son ;o)

    I could help with some of the depressing thoughts if you like? If he’d be willing to write them all down for me – all the things he thinks he should be like or has done wrong and the same for the world. Maybe I could write up some ideas/answers/different ways to view things for him as blog posts in my problem corner (anonymously) and then have a couple of phone/skype chats with him? Might bridge the gap between now and the help coming in from the NHS?

    Have you tried supplements & nutrition etc? I know it doesn’t take away all the problems with dealing with his hormones/emotions, but it might help take the edge off? Maybe there are some PR’s on twitter who would be willing to let you test their stuff – Optibac are lovely, let me know if you would like me to introduce you (probiotics).

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