Brushing myself down

2 thoughts on “Brushing myself down”

  1. Well done for turning it around lovely. I think that you would be very successful if you set up online – maybe with etsy? Let me know if you do and I’ll plug you on my blog.
    It takes a while to set up – you could take some benefits in the meantime couldn’t you? Just to calm the pressure for a couple of months?

    1. It’s going to take quite a long time to add everything to lots of online shops,
      I’m going to be listing things on eBay that I don’t need too but again it takes time not helped by PayPal being a pain right now lol
      Think I’ve missed the Yule time rush by now so not quite sure how it’s going to go, really wish I could of done some more market stalls but ho hum

      What is rather frustrating is that’s its really cold and I’m struggling to hold things to make things, of course the lack of heat also means I have no energy, small boy & I are quite poorly and taking longer than usual to get better.

      Just trying to sort out the front room so we can make it all pretty and seasonal this weekend … If things go to plan

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