Creative Challenge 2013

6 thoughts on “Creative Challenge 2013”

    1. Hehe thank you x you should have a go yourself, I know a lot of people were worries about if they miss a day to which I usually reply “the world won’t end, as its for fun”

      Hugs and blessings

  1. Tweets I don’t really know yet. I just joined Twitter but I have seen that # thingy. Best do some reading eh? ^_^

    Well, I suppose I can just do that #CC13 hash thing as a tag when I write on my blog. Is that how it works? What a pain I am you must think.

    I write about the inner life of people and animals. I guess you could call it their spirit, not in any religious way though, how they feel about things and how their lives mix. A sort of fantasy but rooted in reality in some way. It must sound so vague, then I guess that’s how life is inside us. Not very erudite for a writer. Oh well. La de da.

  2. Reblogged this on greenfroggyfae and commented:

    A month ago I decided to give myself a challenge and i have surprised myself by getting this far without missing a day. Some days it has been hard but the feeling I get after creating something is more therapeutic than I expected it to be. I have also found that I’m wanting to naturally explore and expand my creative process and skills 
    It forces me to constantly be thinking in a creative way 

    Are you creative? do you want to be? Why not give it ago yourself? It doesn’t matter if you do miss a day or don’t even want to do it on a daily basis. 

    I am hoping the rest of the year will be as much fun as the past month

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