Four days in and not going too bad

6 thoughts on “Four days in and not going too bad”

  1. hugs mel, im feeling positive, and as from feb its year of the snake, my year so im taking myself to where i should be!!!!! hope u re all well, Tink xxx~*~xxx

  2. You’re so busy, it’s amazing how much you get done. I wish I was half as organised as you, with a quarter of the dedication. It’s beautiful that you spend time with your boy in the garden and doing things. It seems so many parents don’t do those things. Coping on a budget sure is tough and yet you have the spirit to make such gorgeous things. I admire you. xxx

    1. Thank you so much 🙂
      I love spending time with my boy it confuses me when parents don’t spend time with their kids, and do the whole “I can’t wait until they go to school or move home”

      I am always busy though so have to be somewhat organised or I would be over whelmed and wouldn’t get anything done but panic. Lol. I have to juggle home life with working from home with some occasional me time so have several diaries and ta-da lists ( my to do lists but it’s more fun to tick them off and say ta-da)

      Hugs and blessings

      1. I wonder is it possible to learn organised? Half of my life is like falling down stairs, trying to grab at things as I go. But maybe my mind needs the chaos. *smile*

        Ta-da lists!!! Oh I love this idea! To-do is mind-numbing but TA-DA! Oh yes! As an artist, I am exercise my right, as granted by Picasso, to steal that idea for myself. *giggle*

        It seems to me (not being a parent) that a reason to create a life is to share the joy of their discovering life. As animals with greater choice than any other animal we have such a great chance to love and teach our young. Scarce resources or not, it looks like you’re doing brilliantly!

        Hugs and blessings to you too. ^_^

      2. Thank you so much for your lovely kids words, I agree I had children to be around them, and even at an early age knew that having children meant it being a full time job coming first over everything

        I learnt how to get more organised, I do work with a little bit of chaos but with everything I have to juggle found i needed some organisation. A simple diary and ta-da lists are all you need, it helps prioritise the things you need to do with those that you want to do. My garden is starting to look really good now but my kitchen needs a tidy today after a quick dinner yesterday I went to bed rather than stop up to clean. Letting go of certain hang ups also helps, I don’t iron clothes, dry them so they don’t crease but that gives me between 2 and 6 hours a week ( based on the times my friend spend on it) the world isn’t going to end if the washing isn’t done before I go to bed etc

        Feel free to pinch any idea you want although as an artist we don’t pinch we get “inspired by” lol

        Hugs to you and good luck getting a little more organised in the places you need to be

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