Food waste issues

8 thoughts on “Food waste issues”

  1. The majority of my meat come from the co-op reduced section (it’s worth driving to the local large store a few times a week to bag the bargains),if I don’t use it that day it goes in the freezer.It’s a good way to stock up toBest before/use by dates are rubbish- I go on taste and smell. Stew will last us two days,leftovers will be frozen. Veg/fruit that is on the turn will be made into soups/cakes/pie etc. I only buy what veg/fruit that I know we will eat each week and it doesnt come from the super market as the quality is crap ,farm shop/greengrocer/market stalls all the way!! I also don’t plan meals ,I go through what I’ve brought and then plan what I’ll be cooking for the week.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who shops like this or goes by taste and smell too.

      Wish I could get to a farm shop though, I like our market but wish there were more local farmers taking part in it. But the “any bowl a pound” offers very good deals

  2. Do any farm shops local to you go to any community centres to sell? In Baddesly Endsor (up the road from me) our local farm shop goes to their community centre once a week. It’s great for the elderly to get fresh fuit/veg. Is there still a farm shop on the longshoot (I think that’s the right road?!) Mum always used to go there when we live in Nunny

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