Full moon mayhem

4 thoughts on “Full moon mayhem”

  1. Sorry lovely – I know how irritating it can be. Try to remember to go with the flow and look at the road blocks as guidance for your path.

    So please small boy is doing well – that’s brilliant news.

    I can’t comment on the other half without swearing tbh.

    We are always here for you on twitter, not the same as a ‘real’ hug, but nearly xxx

    1. Thank you beautiful it means so much.

      He makes me feel like swearing too, would just like to know what’s going to happen and where we are going to go (if we can) from here

      It’s such a difference to see small boy getting back to himself, makes me very happy

      I’ve decided to sell stuff on Facebook too and use those sales as my wage, it’s the only way I can see it working

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