Basic granny square, Crochet day 7

2 thoughts on “Basic granny square, Crochet day 7”

  1. Hello, sounds like you are doing really well. the 2tr does mean two trebles. This goes with your 3 chain so that you have three trebles. The three chain is obviously attched to the circle but all the other trebles are worked into the hole in the centre of the ring you have made. You cover up your initial circle. You have probably worked all this out by now but I hope it helps.

    1. Yeah I worked that out this morning after a few choice words last night with the pattern, but thank you for Letting me know and helping, it gives me more confidence in myself knowing that I’m on the right track lol
      It did take me three hours to work out I was skipping part of the pattern without knowing about it too,

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