A woman walks into the Drs office…

5 thoughts on “A woman walks into the Drs office…”

  1. That guy seems like a right douche! I bet he thought you were a lazy dole hippie lol funny how appearances can cause assumptions! He seems like a guy who feels superior to most of his patients. I hate snobs!

  2. This is important – he didn’t betray you honey he just didn’t explain (which I’ve heard a lot about this pill).

    Amiltryptiline is given to people like me with fibromyalgia – at 100mg it’s an anti depressant, at 10-50mg it’s for pain & sleep.
    You need to take it earlier or take a smaller dose – I take mine at 6.30. Yes my evenings are affected, but the pain and sleep are better.

    My plan is to find an alternative, but first I need sleep. Take the pill honey, get stronger, then find something better.
    Plus get him to check your vitamin d levels, and maybe think about an adrenal fatigue spit test on the Internet (I’m just checking this out – will let you know).

    1. Oh right I see I’m on 10mg
      Thank you and yes he is lol

      I’m unsure about taking it, I have to be with it because of looking after small boy, I may try it tonight at an earlier time and see how I feel tomorrow.

      I had SAD and am greatly affected by vit D

      I shall be thinking about this too thank you

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