Not sure what to think or do?

2 thoughts on “Not sure what to think or do?”

  1. It’s tough honey, but I think that you are much better off on your own, getting healthy, getting your business sorted, and focussing on small boy. All that ‘will he, won’t he’ is like having an energy sucker in your life, constantly demanding attention, energy and thought.

    Maybe when you are all sorted, he will come back.
    But Maybe at that point you wont be interested!

    TBH you are well rid, but that doesn’t make it any easier does it :o(

    1. I’m completely confused as to what I think and my head and heart are telling me different things

      I’m far too old for this shit I was just hoping for my happy ending … Guess I’m still waiting

      I am really proud of myself though for how strong I’ve become. It wasn’t too long ago that this would of sent me into complete break down. Turns out there is still some fight in me left but am going to continue growing into the person I am becoming

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