Today I shall mainly be killing myself

3 thoughts on “Today I shall mainly be killing myself”

  1. It looks as though it’s all coming together nicely 🙂 Growing my own Veg is something I’d like to do. My Parents always did it and I have the space but it’s finding the time-and motivation to set things in motion.I hope you get some restful and soothing sleep!

    1. Once the prep is done its quite easy to find a routine to keep on top of it, I’d be lost without my garden and cried when the council suggested a flat because of this new bedroom tax crap

      It’s going to be an early night with added pain killers tonight though or I won’t be able to move. The down side of hurting means I can’t have a bath as I can’t get in and out on my own when I’m like this even though it would help the pain. I don’t think small boy would fancy picking his mum up off the floor

  2. Reblogged this on the spiritual sanctuary and commented:

    Yesterday my son (known as small boy) helped me in the garden. It’s an essential part of our family’s tradition to grow our own vegetables, herbs and flowers as well as it being something the whole family take part in, after all we all eat the things we grow. We also use the phases of the moon when planting after all its how our ancestors would of used the cycles of the moon, sun and planets but I shall be writing more about this in more detail another time. We use a mix of the three methods known as Synodic, Biodynamic and Sidereal and as this week is the first quater moon it’s a great time to plant things that produce internal seeds such as peas, other plants depend on the signs of the zodiac. While the moon is is Gemini it’s good for promoting flowering plants such as cauliflower and later in the week when the moon is in cancer it’s perfect time for leaf growth for plants such as cabbages. The problem you can have is that the different styles of using the lunar phases can contradict each other but over the years we have found that by keeping them all in mind and by keeping an eye on the weather a nice healthy balance can be created to suit out own needs. We aim to have our own balance in the garden using nature rather than chemicals to combat the problems that can come with gardening and lots if information can be found on companion planting. It is all a bit scary when you first start out doing this as there is a lot of information to consider. Needless to say this time of year is very busy for us, not only in the garden but in general and we are starting to run out of time to prepare for the spring equinox tomorrow!!! So I should get myself ready for another day of prep, making sure I remember to post all today’s happenings later on this evening.

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