An emotional Monday

9 thoughts on “An emotional Monday”

  1. ((hugs)) Its great that you have creativity to take your mind off all the other things. Can’t wait to see what you turn the old computors into. We find chucking stuff out of our 3rd floor window onto the patio takes things apart quite well, OH did that with a video recorder than wasn’t working. Ds loved looking at all the insides.

    1. I honestly think creativity is what has stopped me from being sectioned quite a few times, I would be completely lost with out it.

      Now third floor sounds so much fun that I’m saving the other computer for when my small boy is back from his fathers so he can drop it out of his bedroom window, only on the second floor but still I bet he’s going to enjoy it non the less so thank you for that idea

      1. I know what you mean re creativity, I have lived through some tough times and always used creativity as my switch off. It is good fun dropping it out of the window, as long as they know its a special broken thing and won’t throw anything else out 😉

  2. You numpty apologising …. you are doing exactly what I’m passionate about people doing!
    There is no doubt that the arts are there to keep us all sane and give our hearts and souls something to sing about.

    I’m so chuffed you liked my bit on the radio, I LOVE radio. Maybe I’ll get a little regular paid slot one day, but at the moment I enjoy all the chances I get to be on there.

    1. Lol I have not been called a numpty in ages, I love that word too.

      Isn’t there a mummy blogging radio slots? there should be with guest spots from different bloggers etc i know there are loads of other ones … You have got my love of radio back too by the way.

      1. I do have a slot on local community radio once a month, but have only done BBC a few times. I think that they are just realising what a source of stuff the bloggers are around here, so maybe I should plug myself a little more before someone else does ;o)

      2. I think you really should *nods* especially as so many mums feel isolated, get scared for asking advice etc so if you had a mix it would cover and help loads.

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