Home Ed…The Plan

3 thoughts on “Home Ed…The Plan”

    1. Thank you, he has gone through far too much over the past seven years. My mental health, parenting and lifestyle was seen as the cause if it all until I finally got him into CAMHS because of his self harm and suicide attempts, having them and social services and the GP supporting the way I do things gave me the strength to get the trust back in my own instinct, I am stronger, he is stronger and so much happier its brilliant. I’m working on not kicking myself for not doing it sooner. If I’d gone with my instinct he would of been out of school at least four years ago, but I’m taking it as a lesson

      Once again thank you 🙂

  1. Good luck, it seems like a massive challenge. I have always thought parents should listen to there own instincts. If you can find a childs talents and passions it is so much more important than all of the other stuff, and gives them the confidence to tackle the things they are not so good at. I think some children could thrive home schooling and learning at there own pace without watching others race ahead and causing frustration that blocks them from learning. My eldest is dyslexic and used to come home from school so frustrated, but he could draw better than anyone at school and that is what we focused on. xx

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