Preparing for fall out

2 thoughts on “Preparing for fall out”

  1. Lol funny bum nun eh?

    Listen, does he have any hobbies? I think maybe learning a musical instrument may help greatly. Music is food for the soul after all, plus, he can express his emotions through it. And take his mind off thoughts and stuff. Yes it can be demotivating when learning if you can’t get a practice down perfectly, but I suggest keeping a music diary to chart his progress. Also there are plenty of YouTube vids out there too!

    When he gets to the stage where he can play a piece of music perfectly, he can look at that and KNOW he’s accomplished that. I’m all for music therapy, its helped me so much the last 2 months! Xxx

    1. He’s never had the patience to learn an instrument or the real opportunity to learn, no idea where we could start either.
      he tends to channel his creativity through art and free running.

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