Picture prompts

7 thoughts on “Picture prompts”

  1. If you can make the cards cool and funky (probably not the right ‘in’ words!), then you could make extra to sell. Double whammy – help small boy, make money, help others!

    Have you tried EFT? The brain stuff going on with ADHD is I think similar to depression and fibromyalgia like me. I used to think of it as too light/shallow but nowadays I like very gentle therapies, especially ones I can learn to do myself. Theirs a new book called ‘the tapping solution’ which I’m reading & is really good.

      1. Ooh need to find out more about DBT – I don’t know that one, although a quick google makes it sound interesting.
        I wasn’t a fan of EFT before either – maybe it’s become a little more solid over the years, or maybe this new book makes it more useful. There used to be a different similar thing didn’t there?

      2. CBT was all the thing years ago, DBT was developed especially with self harmers and us boarder line personality lot in the early 80s and uses a lot if Eastern philosophies too which I think is why I like it, not only because it has been the key thing to help me where other therapies & meds failed. Bloody hard work though

      3. Well if you ever fancy writing a guest post about it on my blog, I’d love it – sounds like it would be really useful for people to know more about it.

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