Riv Fest 2013

6 thoughts on “Riv Fest 2013”

  1. well said Mell x the pricing issue made me mad ! the kids got bored easily not enough for them to do, so our time there was limited, it cost me £20 in the end v expensive for what it was.i didn’t get my tickets beforehand cos I wasn’t sure whether they would want to go on the day hey ho you live n learn.

  2. Hello there!

    I would like to thank you very much for writing this! It is much better than the ‘o it woz sick’ type comments being received on the Urban Arts Facebook page. (I was hoping that someone literate and brave enough would write something sooner rather than later!)

    As a volunteer steward at the event, I seemed to witness and experience a lot of the flaws to the event, many of which you said above. However, my main gripe with the entire event has turned out to be the Urban Arts’ (quite frankly rude) Facebook messages to me, after all I was asking was where I could leave feedback more formally rather than on Facebook. They clearly got defensive with me, trying to be ignorant to the fact that maybe I would have something negative to report back on (which would have been constructive criticism if I had have had a chance to give any anyway).

    Maybe we could talk about it more if you have time? 🙂

    1. Of course I don’t mind

      You stewards had your work cut out and I applaud you all

      I am so disappointed with the rude and quite frankly juvenile responses any criticism has received on Facebook, lots of people were not happy about many sides to this especially the price and the fact that unless you liked drinking there wasn’t actually that much to enjoy.

      I won’t be going again next year unless its without my son

      1. It makes me disappointed to have been a part of it.

        The fact that if you, and so many other people, were to go again that it would be without your child/children (at a ‘FAMILY’ event) kind of proves a major problem that needs to be taken into account and improved upon by the organisers for the next year. Sadly, they still don’t want to hear anything even remotely suggestive of what to change, improve or include… Because suggestions, etc, are a personal hit, you know! Haha! How very immature of them.

      2. It’s not a family friendly festival in the slightest. Which has been said so many times but again met with a negative response. But then Perhaps I am just a … Insert appropriate derogatory name … But I think if it had been made an alcohol free festival different views would be given. I don’t belong to the same culture as many there so perhaps I just don’t get it, I don’t get the need to have a drink to have fun.

        I did stop hooping at one point as I found I was becoming a child entertainer, I don’t normally mind, I do it for a living but wanted a day off. The kids were lovely but disappointed that I hadn’t got the amount of hoops I usually do and I had to explain to a parent that it wasn’t a case of I should of brought more hoops and been more prepared but more that fact I wasn’t actually working.

        It should be billed as a Youth music festival, the use of the term Art and family was misleading. Art alert were there which is a great group show casing the non music side of things and the artist at the Wonkey Hifi tent was awesome.

        Or perhaps I have just been spoilt with being able to go to festivals where family and creativity were the main forefront of showcasing diversity of the arts.

        It’s such a shame that the organisers do not seem to be taking a mature response to the things people are pointing out that need to be improved on. I believe if they were open to it then this would have the potential to become a lovely festival, I am so sick of things being justified as “being for charity” just because something is for charity it doesn’t mean that others should just sweep things under the carpet that they were not happy with. I have been to many charity festivals aimed at diversity and the arts, each had their down sides which was taken on board and taken into account the following year. I am not sure why the organisers didn’t follow the format of so many other successful and long running festivals and I would be very interested to see just how much money was made “for the kids” after the overheads etc have been taken out. Not much transparency over this has yet come into the public eye. Did the vendors have to give a proportion of their takings for example?

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