Unlucky for some

3 thoughts on “Unlucky for some”

  1. Aww honey, I’m so chuffed to have helped even a little bit.
    YES you totally got it – it is about being who you are – which is pretty awesome btw!

    I totally get how difficult that can be – I thought I’d got the handle on it until I got the Fibromyalgia and my body insisted that I took better care of myself. It was a great excuse for a while too – but now I’m happy to stand up for myself without using the fibro as my excuse.

    One of my mentors has a rule called ‘the law of lesser pissers’ – he explains that as you have the whole of your life with yourself, when faced with a choice, you should piss the other people off, not yourself. (This isn’t about being totally selfish though – it’s more about getting balance in life). As a mum with young kids, I think that standing up for our family, is often the same as standing up for ourselves.

    Big hugs to you xxx

    1. I have finally got to the stage where I am ok with being selfish, I have to be (stupid English society making us feel guilty for putting ourselves first)

      I’ve dedicated this weekend to working on sorting out the balance situation and getting more of a sense of control over it rather than feeling drunk with only moment of balance but followed by a wobbly stumble lol

    2. Huge hugs to you too, I think no matter how hard you try there are times when the ‘social past chatter’ still echoes and try’s to make itself either heard or at least a pain in the ass, it shall always be a work in progress and you have helped me loads by encouraging me to keep listening to that inner voice I have to break free from not only the ‘norms’ that try’s to take hold of us but also the years of families expectations which have been drummed into us since before we can actually remember.

      Many many hugs

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