Creative drive

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There have been a few things in the past week or so that have had me thinking about my creativity. First i have been assessing my own personal creative side, mainly questioning everything about my fears and judgments about styles and of course my own creative confidence. I look at some… Continue reading Creative drive


Has decided I am not who I say I am. I find it amusing that it tells me to “use the name I go by in real life” i think it’s bull shit that it’s so my friends know who I am as most of my friends call me Froggy or hippie. I think it … Continue reading Facebook

My New Year

Yule was a challenge but it all turned out ok in the end. Had a lovely day, dinner cooked great in my new cooker which made the day run the smoothest yet. Everyone loved their gifts and understood the IOU’s where needed. I was relieved because no matter how ‘hippie’ people presume I am lots … Continue reading My New Year