Autumn is here

Which can only mean one thing for me …. the dreaded darker nights. The summer has pretty much not gone to plan at all this year, in fact all of my plans for the past year have not happened because life keeps throwing things at me that for some reason I let get in the … Continue reading Autumn is here

Off and out

After having a hard week with a very hormonal and some what stressed small boy the summer sun has been a much needed distraction from everything in the house. Small boy and I needed to get out for a bit so yesterday we went for a walk. We used new apps on our phones to … Continue reading Off and out

Picture prompts

I’ve been spending the past couple of days either working at putting stock up on folksy or researching ways of helping small boy. My house is a mess and needs a good sorting through but with everything I have going on I rarely get time to do what most would consider real housework. I think … Continue reading Picture prompts