Is finally here, this makes me very very happy ….. What would make me happier is if we weren’t having typical British weather of rain! I want need to go for a walk but as you may know by now I don’t like rain, it spoils the type of walk I enjoy. The ones where … Continue reading Summer

What to do?

There are many issues for young people these days and as I am finding out through my sons experiences it’s getting tougher and tougher. He’s had mental health issues for years, these have never been addressed despite therapy at an early age, he was able to essentially ‘blag it’ I’m not going to go into … Continue reading What to do?

Not so sad

Some of you may know that I have the pleasure of being labeled by the mental health team with several different ‘illnesses’ one of which is SAD this makes winter a horrid time not just for me but those around me. once september is over the symptoms start and usually goes unnoticed until i am … Continue reading Not so sad

Freaking out

Yes this is what I have been doing all week and the reason is that I’m stepping completely out of my comfort zone today my friend and i are going to glastonbury to see Ange Hardy (she is an awesome folk singer and after finding out her life story has become such an inspiration to … Continue reading Freaking out