My New Year

Yule was a challenge but it all turned out ok in the end. Had a lovely day, dinner cooked great in my new cooker which made the day run the smoothest yet. Everyone loved their gifts and understood the IOU’s where needed. I was relieved because no matter how ‘hippie’ people presume I am lots … Continue reading My New Year

Back to normal

  Well the boys have gone back leaving me with a very quiet house this morning, which was that nice I didn’t even put my music on while doing my house work. Having a couple of hours to myself after the past two weeks is also very well needed. I do wish the boys had … Continue reading Back to normal

So far so fuzzy

I spent the most of yesterday thinking, mainly due to the fact I had to take tramadol my my hip etc by lunch time. I had a phone meeting with my youngests head of year, I was feeling a bit bad about not being able to make it down to talk to the face to … Continue reading So far so fuzzy