All about the fear 

Life is far too short to not do the things you want,and because I’ve obviously been on Facebook for far too long I will also point out that this applies as long as it doesn’t hurt another person …. I would include living creature but for me eating meat is part of what I enjoy. I … Continue reading All about the fear 

Negatives to positives

My last post has really made me think …. Yes I know “no shit shirlock, she’s been thinking again” and I’ve been running through my life in my head since I thought about writing it. Once it was down and posted a weight was lifted off my shoulders and replaced by a sense of knowing … Continue reading Negatives to positives

I made it

To the point in the day where, after writing this post, it will be a reasonable time to go to bed. I have no idea how as I’m exhausted after having a horrid day started by me breaking down in an emotional mess. I’m not sure if it’s my SAD, exhaustion from trying to do … Continue reading I made it

Autumn is here

Which can only mean one thing for me …. the dreaded darker nights. The summer has pretty much not gone to plan at all this year, in fact all of my plans for the past year have not happened because life keeps throwing things at me that for some reason I let get in the … Continue reading Autumn is here