Negatives to positives

My last post has really made me think …. Yes I know “no shit shirlock, she’s been thinking again” and I’ve been running through my life in my head since I thought about writing it. Once it was down and posted a weight was lifted off my shoulders and replaced by a sense of knowing … Continue reading Negatives to positives


Is finally here, this makes me very very happy ….. What would make me happier is if we weren’t having typical British weather of rain! I want need to go for a walk but as you may know by now I don’t like rain, it spoils the type of walk I enjoy. The ones where … Continue reading Summer

Freaking out

Yes this is what I have been doing all week and the reason is that I’m stepping completely out of my comfort zone today my friend and i are going to glastonbury to see Ange Hardy (she is an awesome folk singer and after finding out her life story has become such an inspiration to … Continue reading Freaking out

Picture prompts

I’ve been spending the past couple of days either working at putting stock up on folksy or researching ways of helping small boy. My house is a mess and needs a good sorting through but with everything I have going on I rarely get time to do what most would consider real housework. I think … Continue reading Picture prompts