30 hours ….. Ish

Not that I am counting or anything but I roughly have 30 hours until I arrive at Barefoot festival. The weather,in true British summer time tradition, is going to be horrible. Lots of rain tomorrow and Sunday …. Setting up and packing down in the rain is not anyone’s favourite thing to do but I’m … Continue reading 30 hours ….. Ish

Two days

My news feed is full of lovely people all excited and ready to go to Baeefoot festival. They are all getting things ready, making things, planning what workshops etc they will be attending.  What am I doing? Still crying pretty much all of the time or avoiding the thoughts that I am actually going. Is … Continue reading Two days

I’m sorry 39 

I’m sorry 39 you were not what came to mind when I woke up this morning, I feel as though you were robbed when my thoughts jumped straight to what is waiting for me next. You were merely an afterthought of how you are nothing more than a silent prelude to being 40What you hold … Continue reading I’m sorry 39 

True inspiration? 

Many claim to be inspirations to other people, are you one of them? If so then how your actions impact on others needs to be constantly on your mind. It isn’t just your words that count but your integrity, how you treat other people, the choices you make it is the whole package. Or are … Continue reading True inspiration? 

The time things changed

“life is too short” a saying we all have said at some point with most (including myself) only paying a lip service to the very well used phrase.  This year so far has been challenging for me. Everything I’ve planned has had to be changed for one reason or another and let’s say life has … Continue reading The time things changed