True inspiration? 

Many claim to be inspirations to other people, are you one of them? If so then how your actions impact on others needs to be constantly on your mind. It isn’t just your words that count but your integrity, how you treat other people, the choices you make it is the whole package. Or are … Continue reading True inspiration? 

The time things changed

“life is too short” a saying we all have said at some point with most (including myself) only paying a lip service to the very well used phrase.  This year so far has been challenging for me. Everything I’ve planned has had to be changed for one reason or another and let’s say life has … Continue reading The time things changed

Negatives to positives

My last post has really made me think …. Yes I know “no shit shirlock, she’s been thinking again” and I’ve been running through my life in my head since I thought about writing it. Once it was down and posted a weight was lifted off my shoulders and replaced by a sense of knowing … Continue reading Negatives to positives