I made it

To the point in the day where, after writing this post, it will be a reasonable time to go to bed. I have no idea how as I’m exhausted after having a horrid day started by me breaking down in an emotional mess. I’m not sure if it’s my SAD, exhaustion from trying to do … Continue reading I made it


Is finally here, this makes me very very happy ….. What would make me happier is if we weren’t having typical British weather of rain! I want need to go for a walk but as you may know by now I don’t like rain, it spoils the type of walk I enjoy. The ones where … Continue reading Summer

Dreading it

  I first decided I wanted to have dreads when I was 16 it took me then another 14 to pluck up the balls to actually do it. I was heading to being 30 and really didn’t know what direction I wanted my life to go, other than being different to what it was at … Continue reading Dreading it